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in Communities of Color


Just as the Why Marriage Matters Washington public education campaign is reaching out to families and communities of faith, we are also engaged in conversations with communities of color. Because same-sex couples are a part of every community, we are also using the campaign as a chance to engage organizations, leaders, and communities of color in a conversation about the experiences of LGBTQ families of color and the freedom to marry.

Community specific organizers are working in the African American, Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Native American communities. They are building community specific leadership teams, seeking endorsements for the Why Marriage Matters Washington campaign, helping organizations hold educational workshops and community events, and participating in community gatherings as part of the project.

Our goal is to raise the visibility of LGBTQ families and individuals of color within communities of color, while also having dialogue about the importance of the freedom to marry.


Did you know?

  • Communities of color support LGBTQ family members. In a 2010 survey of LGBTQ parents of color, the majority of African American, Latino, and Asian/Pacific Islander LGBTQ parents said they were supported by their families as an LGBTQ person.
  • LGBTQ couples of color are nearly twice as likely to be raising children than white LGBTQ couples. Nearly 47% of African-American lesbian couples and 42% of Latina lesbian couples are raising children.
  • Children being raised in LGBTQ families of color are more likely to be living in poverty than children being raised by married heterosexual parents or white LGBTQ parents. Because most safety net programs use a narrow definition of family which presumes a child is being raised by legally recognized parents, programs like cash assistance, food and nutrition support, housing subsidies, health insurance, and child care assistance may not be available to LGBTQ families.

To learn more about this critical work, contact the following coordinators:

If you are interested in endorsing the education campaign as a grassroots leader of color, you can complete the endorsement form and return via email to

Thanks to Western States Center for leading the work in communities of color.